HbA1c 501

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Brand: Hemocue

Makes Your Whole Process Easier
and More Efficient
Only a few simple steps with clear
instructions on screen
All-in-one, individually packaged
cartridge kits
Convenient room-temperature storage
up to 12 months
Ensures You’ll Never Have to Doubt
an Answer at the Point of Care
Interference-free method unaffected
by Hb variants
IFCC and NGSP certified
Precise, fixed calibration by factory
Provides a Safe Workflow for
Excellent Patient Care
Automatic reading of calibration data for
each test cartridge lot
Barcode reader for patient and operator
ID available

HemoCue - A Division of Radiometer America, develops, produces and markets medical diagnostic products for Point-of-Care testing. The fundamental concept behind the HemoCue products is to perform important common blood and urine tests that offer lab quality results at the Point-of-Care without sacrificing the accuracy and precision offered by a central clinical lab. Tests that are fast and easy to perform - by anyone.

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