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Higher productivity
- Having a loading capacity from 160 up to 256 or 576 samples (depends on model and configuration) and the reagents biggest autonomy of the market, the QWALYS® 3 can process between 10 000 and 500 000 tests per year.

Higher throughput
- Up to 105 Grouping or 110 Antibody Screening or 250 Antibody Screening donors per hour.

Higher robustness
- Tecan platform (leader in IVD automation).
- Advanced generation equipments integrated for an unequaled precision including high resolution of the reactions, auto-grading and auto-controls (reader).

Higher quality of your results
- CE marked reagents, IVD and ISO certifications (Gmed).
- Quality of the results equivalent to the techniques available in the market.

Higher confidence
-The QWALYS® 3 is approved and used in routine by many worldwide Blood Transfusion Organizations like E.F.S, the French Blood Transfusion Service.

Receiving blood is receiving life. DIAGAST’s goal is to help healthcare professionals transmit life with the help of the best blood group determination technologies. Even though it is not always a matter of life and death, transfusion errors are never acceptable.

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