About Us

Paradigm is a belief imbibed by the group of intellectuals to make others believe in our thought process by setting examples.
Paradigm is a private limited company having a team of like minded, dedicated professionals. We strongly believe that money should be the bi-product of our activities and therefore we concentrate on our activities, activities & just activities.
We have a presence PAN India, with professionals based at Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad,Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai.
We have Offices and warehousing facilities at Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad.
We provide Total solution for blood banking,Pathology Labs,Multispeciality Hospitals ,Pharmaceutical Cos.,Nursing Homes & Research Institutions.
Presently we have an annual sales turnover for Rs. 100 millions but committed to achieve a figure of over 1000 millions in 5 years time with a specific selection of partners; dedicated employees as well as expanding our area of expertise.